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“‘Come,’ I said, ‘my friends! Let us go! At last Mythology and the mystic Ideal have been surpassed. We shall witness the birth of the Centaur and, soon, we’ll see the first Angels fly! We must shake the gates of life to test the hinges and the locks! …Let us go!(…)We approached the three snuffling machines to stroke their breasts. I stretched out on mine like a corpse in my coffin(…)And yet we had no ideal Mistress high as the clouds, no cruel Queen to whom to offer our corpses twisted into Byzantine rings! Nothing to die for besides the…

1. Logical Investigations/Ideas/Phantasy, Image, Consciousness, and Memory (Husserl)

2. Phenomenology of Spirit/Philosophy of Mind (Hegel)

3. The Écrits/Transference/Seminars/Lituraterre (Lacan)

4. Chaosmosis/The Three Ecologies (Guattari)

5. The Visible and Invisible/The Phenomenology of Perception (Merleau-Ponty)

6. Logic of Sense/Logic of Sensation/Capitalism and Schizophrenia/Proust and Signs/Cinema 1 & Cinema 2 (Deleuze)


7. The Philosophy of Freedom/Knowledge of Higher Worlds/The Genius of Language/Knowledge of the Soul and Spirit (Rudolf Steiner)

8. The Poetics of Reverie/Poetics of Space/On Poetic Imagination and Reverie/Adventures in Phenomenology (Bachelard)

9. Of Grammatology/Judeites (Derrida)

10. Poetry, Language, Thought/Hegel/Introduction to Metaphysics/Hölderlin’s Hymn “The Ister”/Rhythm (Heidegger)

11. The Philosophy of Poetry


“The answers for the speculations on the Spirit lie in the praxis of phenomenology, where one aligns with the epistemic nature and limits of the human experience –the answer is found in the acceptance that we have no direct access to what is outside of our consciousness. Deciding to take breaths, in ἐποχή (epokhē), is to survive the passive submersion in a continuous stream of waking semiosis; it implies a rebellion against the tyranny of Signs, an inescapable struggle in the unending swim to the shore of Physis.”

  • Concerning the metaphor of Physis as an island –after contemplating it…

circa October 2018.

The mother’s role is not to follow the son in his journey, it’s to stay in the town, a place that is always accessible for the son. The role of…


We take different paths in the city of Azar, to arrive at the same place if that’s what you so desired; not all nutrients come through the same root for a robust tree to grow beyond the peaks of its own branches.


Ontologic relativity leads to accepting that aesthetic reality is fundamentally as relative as truth. In this gap of possible thought, of course, is where metaphysics plants its seeds. The mind, like nature, has tendencies however, thus, what is worth thinking about is the dynamics underlying these tendencies, their novel exceptions, and the relationship between them. The…

Abraham Muñoz Bravo

Trochilus allogamia ante alios videre. Respice! Hoc est forum ego ostendam tibi.

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