A Lizard’s Sun

Abraham Muñoz Bravo
1 min readMar 27, 2019

Like arid land –in need of moisture–

I need you.

When our mouths touch,

Our tongues meet, and our lips graze,

Life sprouts everywhere in that earth that so desired water.

Your kisses remind me of

Coconut butter from Bali,

Agave nectar,

Or the alchemy of bees.

You are a lizard’s sun;

When our breaths mesh into one,

Released sirocco winds

Heat up our bodies of water.

Trapped in your resin,

Your amber eyes remain infused into my vision;

Shades of brown which my pupils crystallize into memories.

You have become the light

Which seeps into the darkness of my blinks.



Abraham Muñoz Bravo

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