Facing Existence and the Balance That it Requires

On a daily basis, I am confronted with the meaning of life. Each time this thought comes into my head I become aware of the ephemerality of time and the finite nature of earthly life, as well as an encompassing realization of the absurdity of all levels of existence.

The first part of my recurrent awareness makes me feel rushed, while the second –initially– makes me feel clueless. Life, in many senses, is a tragedy. One must overcome the suffering that constitutes life by finding the meaning, value, and purpose of one’s personal existence to –consequently– reach a healthy balance in all elements of life. By overcoming the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual challenges that we face –in practice– you permute life as a tragedy, into an enjoyable comedy.

Why is the balance important? Because of the limitations that are present (with being a human in society). The balance (sophrosyne) gives room for awareness of the esoteric depth of life, and, thusly, helps us attach properly to our exoteric life. It is very easy, however, to get lost in the esoteric abyss.

But the question still remains: Is the ultimate goal for humans to be happy? Because I’m afraid that I’m not entirely convinced.

Trochilus allogamia ante alios videre. Respice! Hoc est forum ego ostendam tibi.

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