Abraham Muñoz Bravo

Feb 7, 2018

1 min read

“In the image of God He created them;”

Marriage is far more than its constituent parts –marriage is a union that should be seen as one entity. Such a conceptualization, of course, causes marriage to have an inherent idealism that is only confronted when the constituent parts of the union attempt to merge into this ideal unity.

The Old Testament has great metaphorical value which can help us understand concepts that people have already struggled with. In this case, the ‘them’ which is referenced in the title is God’s creation of humankind –before making the distinction between man (Adam) and woman (Eve). It is, thus, worth thinking about what humankind is in the very moment of its (figurative) creation. Humankind, as a singular concept is genderless –it is the existence of only one entity. Consequently, the constituents of the first human are not defined as being man and woman, and, thus, the marriage (union) which preceded man and woman is not determined by its resultant constituents.

Through this interpretation, I would like to postulate that liberal Judaism should be the first in defending gay marriage if our scripture reveals such a beautiful truth.

Trochilus allogamia ante alios videre. Respice! Hoc est forum ego ostendam tibi.

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